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Japheth Kelly
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iGEM Cairo Symposium

Sun Jan 20, 2019 11:44 am

Our Ambassador to the African Region will be holding the first iGEM Cairo Symposium. The symposium will host faculty/department heads from various institutions in Egypt, with the aim of introducing iGEM and encouraging the formation of more teams in the region. Over the years, Egypt has been a hotbed for African iGEM representation, and we would like to encourage even more representation from the region in efforts to bolster continent wide participation in iGEM.
The aim of the symposium
• Introduce SynBio
• Advances and Conditions in the Field, that Facilitated iGEM
• Introduce iGEM
• Opportunities and Challenges in SynBio
• How iGEM addresses both
• Introduce After iGEM – Opportunities and Entrepreneurship
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