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Let's brainstorm!

Tue Dec 11, 2018 7:02 pm

Dear fellow inhabitants of this wonderful region of the world called Latin America, a.k.a. URSAL.

My name is Guilherme, I was the Brazilian iGEM Ambassador in 2017 and during this season I coordinated the Ambassador Program. As an Ambassador, I visited dozens of cities in my homeland, promoting not only new SynBio research groups but also connecting our huge country. This year we were able to establish a national association to boost SynBio around the four corners of Brazil. We are quite excited with this national movement and the new possibilities that it opens.

However, we still have a cultural and linguistic barrier that divides the Portuguese-speaking and the Spanish-speaking LA - a shame, considering that we share the same challenges all over the region. I would like to know your thoughts: do you know about initiatives to connect the scientific community of our region? Do you have ideas or projects that we could undertake as LA After iGEM community to build bridges from Cabo Froward to Los Algodones? What are the ideas that worked in your country and could/should/must be replicated by your neighbors?

I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas! :D

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