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Getting To Know Each other: Welcome iGEMers from Asia!

Tue Dec 11, 2018 11:28 pm

Greetings iGEMers! I am quite excited to welcome you all to this wonderful space; which is open to sharing ideas, discussing opportunities and challenges, our goals in the region, conversing on the relevant news that emerge from the region and most importantly getting to know each other.

My name is Hassnain Qasim Bokhari and I am one of the Ambassadors for Asia, the other being my wonderful colleague ChenHong (Rebekah). Apart from my work as an Ambassador, I serve as one of the Editor in Chiefs for iGEM Digest with Amy, and work on Communications with Holly, both of whom are Ambassadors for North America and apart from my work with After iGEM, I have worked various organizations on science communication and education based initiatives.

Until now, as an Ambassador, I have been involved with identifying and engaging with the Synthetic Biology ecosystems (Biotech ecosystems of countries which either haven’t participated in iGEM or don’t have a Synthetic Biology ecosystem) in sub-regions within Asia such as South East Asia, Central Asia, Middle East and South Asia, introducing them to iGEM and Synthetic Biology, and discussing how through After iGEM we could help existing iGEMers, new iGEMers and those who want to do Synbio.

Each sub-region presents unique opportunities and challenges with regards to
1) Connecting iGEMers 2) Supporting iGEMers 3) Supporting iGEM teams 4) Identifying Stakeholders 5) Developing Synthetic Biology Ecosystems 6) Connecting Synthetic Biology Ecosystems

This section of the forum provides us a great opportunity to discuss all these points and others, but before we discuss that in detail, I would love it if all of you could introduce yourself to others, tell us a little about what you’re doing right now professionally or academically, and your association with iGEM.

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