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Hear from past High school iGEMer

Sun May 19, 2019 2:41 pm

The best way to thoroughly understand the unique high school iGEMer experience is to hear from someone who had been in iGEM before. It would offer prospective iGEMer a sense of the iGEM experience and resonate with present and past iGEMer tremendously. Hoping to achieve the goals mentioned above, the after iGEM high school Committee are happy to announce that we are starting a series which we ask High school iGEMer to share their experience, via their own testimony. This article would be the first section of several series, hope you will stay tuned for more testimony from past High school iGEMer from over the world.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome Rebeca, one of the youngest iGEMer that iGEM ever had and who has continued to focus on leading iGEM in her school. During her experience in iGEM, she had progressed from a team member to a team leader, and iGEM had helped her on various levels and aspects. Let’s us hear what she had to say about her iGEM experience by her testimony.

Why I joined iGEM:
I had a strong interest in environmental science and life science ever since I was in primary school. I wish to be a scientist in the future to use my knowledge and efforts to impact the world. iGEM provides a perfect platform for me to experience the whole process of conducting scientific research and to be completely involved in real-life problems, to strive for a solution with synthetic biology practices. I cherished the chance and wanted to challenge myself, so I joined iGEM.

Why I decided to stay in iGEM:
I was interested in our team’s project which was about synthesising effective protein that can be beneficial for relieving water pollution once put into industrial production. Although I needed to face many challenges such as preparing long academic English speeches and catching up with senior team members, I enjoyed the feeling of overcoming these obstacles and always learning new things to improve my academic performance. Plus, I really hoped to contribute and help our team finish the project, win the medal and bring about some changes on the current social problem.

Why I like iGEM:
Personally speaking, iGEM made me grow both academically and mentally. Devoting wholeheartedly to a serious scientific research program and experimental project boosts my social responsibility and pushes me to explore deeper the field that I’m interested in: molecular biology and gene engineering. What’s more, being in a team and fighting with everyone for the same goal is a warm experience. I got to learn a lot from the team members and we developed strong bond with each other. I believe this kind of personal growth and friendship is beneficial for everyone who joins iGEM.
What I learned from iGEM
Scientific researches should never be isolated from real life problems or social applications.
Biosafety is really important, and scientists should have the responsibility to make sure that the experiments and researches they conduct may not harm or potentially threaten the welfare of society.

Fun stories:
We have a folding bed in the office next to the lab [in case sometimes we need to wait for a long time for the experiment results]
We rented a house in Boston during giant jamboree and the whole team felt like a family.
Our teacher’s visa was rejected a week before we went to Boston, so we went there without a PI—— but it was fun. ;)

Are you excited by her experience?
You are more than welcome to share yours in posts below! We are all super excited to hear what you have to share!!!
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Re: Hear from past High school iGEMer

Sat Sep 14, 2019 3:23 pm

this was an awesome post. I miss being in high school 😭

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Re: Hear from past High school iGEMer

Wed Oct 30, 2019 6:58 am

very nice please keep it up

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